It was our intention to post some sort of quick guide on how to use it. But then again, the program has so many different features now, and users have so many preferences that we just can’t seem to make it.

Therefor, please take a good look at the extensive manual. You can find it in your install folder under the “Docs” subfolder, or you can download it directly.

Regarding the new BMS 4.35 release

All the issues in regards of the 4.34 compatibility (see section below) are still valid.
On top:

  • since the move to DX11, all texture extractions (RWR, DED, PFL, HUD, MFD) are broken in YAME, if you have an NVIDIA graphical card. It seems AMD’s have no issues.
  • Other gauges that work with data from BMS Shared Memory are still working.

Regarding the new BMS 4.34 release

Current issues

The current YAME release v1.2 is not fully compatible with BMS 4.34. We have 2 main issues for now:

  • The YAME global tab does not recognize 4.34 as an existing version installed on your pc so you cannot chose it from the dropdown list
  • All extractions fail when you use the 3D Hook option (for more info on what that exactly is, see the manual).

Current workaround

  1. Make sure you have BOTH BMS versions installed (4.33 and 4.34)
  2. Configure both versions to export the MFDs via RTT texture extraction.
    1. That means no 3DHOOK file present on neither the :\Falcon BMS 4.33\Bin\x64 nor the :\Falcon BMS 4.34\Bin\x64 folder (where the Falcon_Bms.exe files are)
    2. set g_bExportRTTTextures 1 on both 4.33 and 4.34 falcon_bms.cfg files found in \user\config
  3. Falcon cannot be launched via the big “Launch Falcon BMS” button on YAME´s Run Tab
    1. Start BMS manually via the BMS launcher itself, 
    2. Add a direct link to the BMS launcher of Falcon BMS exe in the app’s list of YAME and start it from there.

Status upcoming release

  • Yame v2 is in feature freeze and is being tested by several people with different configurations.
    • Not all situations have been tested yet
    • Currently some final bugs need to be fixed
  • The manual is not yet written
  • Coming in 3-4 Falcon weeks 😉